Fully Managed Learner Support

Alongside the development of a platform and content, Outcourse is proud to involve other services including online management of the site.

We have an internal team of assessors, IQA and ex EQA roles inhouse to assess the learner’s journey on platforms which we have created. 

We will work with an organisation from the start of designing, to understanding how the assessments will form, from this, we can offer online and call backchat services to the students, detailed feedback and assessment of work to live coaching and support.

The use of our skills in this area is like having an outsourced training centre working for you, managing the delivery of your online learning. Our team can be viewed as an extension to your organisation, we can be there in standardisation meetings work alongside you to manage your online delivery.

BRITEthink Academy

A recent platform which we have created is BRITEthink Academy, which is 100% managed via an Outcourse team, have a look at the academy e-brochure to understand how we have developed the platform, content to the management of the platform.

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