There's life beyond zoom classes.

All students learn slightly differently. While some consider themselves visual learners, others might prefer podcast-style lessons.

Engaging animated lessons help emphasise key concepts

Walkthough lessons can provide additional context

Not only do we all learn differently, we learn in different places and at different times of the day.

Commute learning

Busy students often utilise pockets of time in the day to progress on their course, such as their commute.

Bite-sized lessons

Hour-long lessons have been replaced with bite-sized content in the era of shortened attention spans. Less of it, more often

Supporting material

While engaging, easily digestible lessons are essential. Supporting reading material and audio lessons are valuable resources for providing additional depth.

Whether it's producing a course from scratch or creating supporting material for existing courses, here's how we can help:

On camera presenters

Having produced and delivered hundreds of hours of video lessons, our team of qualified presenters can provide the subject of your courses in a concise, engaging and pedagogical fashion. On-camera presenters are an excellent resource for getting your learners excited as they progress through your learning goals.

Animated video lessons

To help drive key concepts home, animation is a highly engaging resource that can visually break down concepts into their simplest components. Animation can help learners focus on how ideas interact with one another and how processes develop, whether an abstract or tangible subject.

Podcast-style lessons

Podcast popularity is at an all-time high, having been steadily increading over the last decade. This trend didn't take long to get adopted by educators across disciplines ranging from management through cyber security and beyond, learners love the flexbility of consuming lessons at different paces as they go about their days.

Made with accesibility in mind

The belief that no learner should be left behind because of a learning or additional needs is at the core of our content. Therefore, Subtitles and audio descriptions can be embedded into our videos alongside other requests such as the flow, colour schemes and fonts.

Broaden your audience

Online courses open the doors of your centre to the possibility of delivering qualifications to audiences beyond your physical location, including overseas. Our team are experienced in internationalising content, including translating, subtitling and dubbing. In addition, we have developed experience working with bilingual schools in Asia and adult learning in Bangladesh.

Hands-on demostrations

We understand that a presenter speaking to camera or animations might not be enough to get some of your more complex points accros. Filming videos on location as well as integrating and showcasing your physical props in the videos is always an option with our production team. Just let us know what you have in mind!

See it for yourself

Questions we get asked the most

Yes, as a company all our team members have the discipline in technology and education. Our team are made up of qualified teachers, vocational assessors, IQA, EQA, IEPA and skills coaches. The team regularly develop their CPD and understand online learning behaviours and digital pedagogy

Yes, we have worked and project managed educational projects in UK, USA, India, Bangladesh, Russia, China, Israel, EU and Kenya to name a few. We also have wider partners from the private and public sector further and higher education to join us on selected projects

100%! Our team have developed online learning platforms and resources for a range of clients, including our own platforms to meet the needs of many learners. Most recently, this has included autism and ADHD. We also work and follow analytics and learner behaviours to keep the user experience and digital pedagogy up to date

Yes we do, we offer bespoke services and one-off support if needed. Please feel free to chat to us.

When we make any form of content of learning site, our clients work with us and have frequent updates. We like to keep you in the loop, allow us to feel like an extension to your already existing team.

Yes, we can arrange pricing to be paid monthly over the duration of the project and also in other forms, such as quarterly invoices. We speak with you about the best route to make this affordable, yet meeting your needs to help the training centre grow

Any other questions?

Please reach out to our team at [email protected], we will be happy to respond to your inquiries. You can also find us on the chatbox below Mon-Fri 10:00-18:00

Others are giving us an A

Susan James · 25/02/2022
I have only positive things to say…
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"I have only positive things to say about my experience with Outcourse. Robert has been amazing, ensuring that I've understood everything at each step of the way. Will definitely be using them again."
Sarah · 25/05/2021
Professional and learner focused
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"I have collaborated with Robert, Panos and Augusto since early 2019 developing detailed content design for large scale online projects. Their team's input, insight and product presentation have always been highly professional and learner focused, ensuring that content is relevant, accessible and engaging. I look forward to working with them again in the future."
Afshan Baksh · 20/05/2021
Professional, high standards and excellent customer care
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"I have been working with Outcourse since 2020, the service they have provided has been professional and of a high standard. Excellent customer care Outcourse team, thanks and look forward to working with you again."
Catherine Hopkins · 20/05/2021
Great Service - Thank you
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"The platform design and content was great. All the team members worked with us from the design to the implementation and helped us really focus on the digitalisation of the content to Ofqual standards. This was a very personal service which focused on myself and the team - we felt Outcourse really understood what we needed in online learning."
Maggie Fowler · 28/04/2021
A pleasure to work with…
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"It’s been a pleasure to work with Robert and Augusto on a project that looked at apprenticeships and other career options for 16 to 18 year olds. They not only immediately understood the requirements of the project but suggested improvements. Everyone was delighted with the final result! We are already planning further work with the company."

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