Bespoke Course Production

We deliver and make courses from pre-exisiting curriculum and occupational standards from awarding organisations to developing our own and having them accredited on your behalf.

Outcourse production starts life off with understanding the needs of the tutors and the learners; we build up an online scheme of work which focuses on a variety of different pedagogical methods, from this, develop different forms of engagement in learning, this includes audio, visual and reading material. We are also keen to highlight the use of gamification to develop assessment and recognition of learning.

Course productions can include live lessons, animated content lessons, presenter-led, location-based filming to whiteboard explainer. We use a range of production styles, from shooting in a studio to being on location with camera and drone footage, to green screen and simple explainer videos which can be produced on-site.


Our team of designers include tutors and assessors to ensure that we are delivering content to support the criteria of each learning outcome.

Use our content

Alongside making bespoke learning content, we have many examples of non-exclusive content which we can offer to organisations. This includes licencing them for short or long periods. Subject areas range from leadership, business, healthcare, ICT and employment skills.

Chat to a member of our team if you have any specific requests about the licencing of content.

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