Developing Sustainability in Education – The final stages of our project.

We are in the process of completing our final actions and events for two Erasmus+ projects which are based on sustainability and climate change, ‘Action and Take It.’ The projects have come about with the aim and objectives to deliver sustainable training to educators, community leaders and students alike in understanding their consequences, making action plans and reflecting back on how they can support and develop their actions

The UK partner for both projects has been Evolve Global Solutions; Outcourse has been supporting the development of the learning materials, content and assessment tools. Robert, has been attending trans-national partner meetings and working online with the project’s European partners based in France, Portugal, Poland, Cyprus, Greece, Turkey, Spain and Ireland.

Our final Take It conference in Belgium

The delivery of the pilot projects recently took place; we have been able to deliver this online using gamification methods to help learners understand the consequences of tech on the environment. Core discussions were aimed at the electrical and server use which blockchain and other forms of tech use, including streaming music and videos. Students were them able to look at case studies and make action plans.

Our final Action conference in Corsica

Teacher training and the implementation of sustainability and climate change in the UK is now a vital part of educator CPD. With this in mind, pilots were delivered on how to take the core knowledge which is delivered through the ten units of the projects and apply them to scheme of work and session plans. Outcourse has been able to provide interactive sessions to support the learning of new sustainability and climate change knowledge and how to apply this to the session.

The future of the projects remain an important; working with Evolve, we aim to bring a legacy to Action and Take It and how teacher CPD and learner understanding can become the norm. We aim to develop the content and materials and continue to support the development in both the vocational training and corporate world.