Embedding sustainability into education and training

If the world is serious about tackling the climate and being more sustainable, it is crucial that we make sure our educators and community leaders are receiving all the teaching and training they need. 

In order to normalise sustainability and embed conscious behaviours while empowering students and staff, you need to embed climate change and sustainability goals into educational planning and delivery. Outcourse is proud to work alongside Evolve Global Solutions in the development of sustainability development and training within their Action and Take-It Pilot projects.

We know that including sustainability in our curriculum is important to help learners and educators build the knowledge and skills they need to shape a sustainable future. We know that there is always more to do, The pilots of this programme are designed to help those taking part understand, be critical and make action plans going forward.

Embedding climate change and sustainability into education and cannot happen too soon. Events and meetings that are linked to climate change are becoming more frequent, and with an increase in extreme weather, melting polar ice, wildfires and flooding it even more important for educators to take this as seriously as embedding other thematic areas such as safeguarding and equality. By ensuring that opportunities to embed sustainability in all learning are fulfilled, any barriers and challenges that are overcome encourages optimism that progress can be made.

One small step at a time. 

Join the free online pilots 

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