Using digital STEAM skills to improve mouse skills in adult learning.

Digital learning and creative skills can form greater work skills needed for an IR4.0. Both competencies in digital and creative include two of the five STEAM competencies. For example, when BRITEthink and Outcourse deliver digital skills bootcamps, one of the areas which learners can often struggle with is mouse skills. Although it might sound crazy to get entry-level learners working through Powerpoint and Canva initially, it helps improve their movement and click capabilities on a mouse or touchpad.

An activity using creativity and the practice of mouse movements is usually developed at the end of a session and acts as a reward. Start with some guidance about choosing a shape, moving it, re-sizing it, and adding another shape; such work helps with confidence boosts. After introducing this form of creative learning, students improve their navigation around the software and the hardware (mouse and keyboard).

You will notice general improvements with the flow of the mouse within a few sessions; movements and clicks can become less jerky, even when moving back to more straightforward tasks such as navigating an email or working their way through programmes such as Teams.

When developing activities for your sessions, even if the learning activity often seems higher than ability, think about even if you did the basic movements like shape creation because getting the learner use to the hardware can propel their development sooner.