We're Outcourse, supporting vocational training centres is what we do best.

We believe great learner journeys make training centres succeed —
here's how our team can help:

Leave no learner behind with daily work assessment
and follow-up

From converting an early stage lead through guiding them to the completion of their course, our team of assessors and IQAs can care for your learners, mark their work and routinely follow up with them to maximise the success of your courses and training centre.

Transition into online courses without ever having to even turn a camera on

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Turn leads into paying learners, and learners into graduates and referrals with our LMS

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Looking back, and looking ahead

From the beginning

In 2018, Outcourse set out to support vocational training centres navigating the world of online learning.

With over 5 years of prior experience delivering qualifications and online courses to thousands of learners over at BRITEthink, as well as producing in-house supporting content and developing our learning platform, our core team shifted their focus to helping other training providers take their online courses and qualifications to the next level, with the idea of helping others “outsource their courses” in mind, Outcourse was born.

We've been busy

Over the last 4 years, Outcourse has worked on a variety of educational projects both domestically and internationally.

Some of our recent work has ranged from developing online learning platforms for vocational training centres through the gamification of STEAM subjects and producing supporting video courses and materials.

Our areas of expertise extend to business, management, marketing, healthcare & nursing, coding, cyber security and beyond, including international work in children’s pedagogy training for biligual schools in Asia and adult learning in

And we are not standing still

Our assessors and IQAs are ready to work side-by-side with your organisation to empower your team of educators

Aimed at helping training centres ease their assessment marking workloads, the latest addition to our family of services are assessments and learner follow up for online, blended or in-person qualifications.

We believe your team’s time and engery is best-spent teaching and providing personalised guidance to your learners, instead of performing repetitive, time-consuming assignment marking.

Our background

Meet the core team behind Outcourse

Robert Mitton

A qualified assessor, IQA and lead end point assessor for vocational education in the UK. He is educated within digital pedagogy and works on the development of national curriculum planning in an online and digital world.

Augusto Alvarez

Full-stack developer, data analysis and experience in leading our Edtech solutions. Augusto works closely with the rest of the team in developing the projects into reality through UX and the points of view of both teacher and student in mind.

Panagiotis Trakas

Qualified assessor and IQA, also a student behaviour psychologist and reviews learning data to help increase engagement and gamification. Panagiotis is our lead content designer for audio and video.

Get in touch

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Reaching us is easy, feel free to drop us a line at [email protected] and our team will be in touch